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About Us

McBride Contractors, Inc., is an Austin-based remodeling and new construction company that has been serving the Greater Austin Area and surrounding communities since the mid to late 80s. Incorporated since 1991, we provide general contracting and construction services for residential and commercial clients. Over the years, we have completed many large-scale residential remodels in addition to many commercial tenant finish outs. Most recently, we have been planning to venture into new residential construction in central Texas.

We are able to provide services for all phases of either a new construction project or remodeling project, regardless of size. We can connect you to the appropriate designers and architectural planners to suit your specific needs, including all plan designs and project oversights.

We hope our website can help answer many of your questions about our background, qualifications and services. We would like to assist you in achieving your vision. To obtain further information about our quality and values that we try to adhere to at McBride Contractors, Inc, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to visit our portfolio page for before and after photos to see examples of our work!

Mission Statement

Here at McBride Contractors, Inc. our process is to meet with the client, determine what it is that the client ultimately wants and then deliver that vision as promptly as possible with the highest quality. We strive to raise the bar against our competitors, in the end, our goal is to exceed our clients expectations.

We build quality, as well as forge long-term relationships with people that will last a lifetime. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. The McBride crew enjoys working together with the client to achieve the desired goal.

Our job is to eliminate the problems that normally occur when one manages a construction/remodeling project. Remodeling is often an unpleasant experience for individuals and our goal is to minimize problems and make the process as pain free as possible to you, the client. Frustrations naturally occur, especially when you are trying to occupy a home during construction, we will work to keep the site as clean as possible with as little impact to your home life. We are here to serve you, we do not believe a job is a job well done unless you are completely satisfied. We do our best to get things done in a quick and efficient manner.


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